To keep you informed in the dynamic field of ART we designed for you Intensive-Courses with

guided hands-on training. Courses are lead by Dr. M. Ropeter Scharfenstein, specialist in

reproductive medicine with more than 20 years experience.

All training courses are conducted in our state of the art facility equipped with the latest

technology and equipment.  Extensive materials are provided for hands-on training of each


The Intensive-Courses are designed for beginners and for people with hands-on experiences.

Five Intensive-Courses are available depending on your personal concern. For detailed

informations, please click on the topic titles:


B) Cryopreservation

C) Handling

D) Evaluations

E) Laboratory Trouble Shooting

Courses can be conducted in English, French, German and  Spanish.

Certificates are provided at the successful conclusion of each course.

All courses are conducted interactively with all participants. Fees and training dates on request. Subject to change without notice.